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A small introduction to characters in Game ZERO that you have seen or have yet to see. I will be updating this constantly until chapter 2 is release!



GameZero-Characters-1.0-pc.zip 45 MB
GameZero-Characters-1.0-mac.zip 30 MB
GameZero-Characters-1.0-win.zip 31 MB


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Hey! First Chapter of you game GREAT!

Can't comment there, but I would like to leave my feedbag here if that is alright with you.

Firat feedbag, would like to learn more about ZEGS if possible. Perhaps chapter 2 can go into deep storyline between 12 character (including A.I.) about ZEGS origin or tech specs?

Second feedbag, still confused about what is 'set'? It is a (group)? Or...? Need reminder in chapter 2 about what is 'set' and rank of each 'set'.

Third feedbag, A.I. girl very sexy. If you launch kickstarter for this games, please include high tier option for date scene with A.I. girl...I would pay...

Thank you for make your game!